NNPC Graduates Trainees Recruitment 2019 - 2020 Update

According to the statement released by NNPC for the successful completion of the NNPC 2019/2020 Recruitment exercise for graduate trainees (GT). Read full statement below:

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the NNPC 2019/2020 recruitment exercise for graduate trainees (GT)

Consequently, we have commenced the issuance of provisional offers of employment to 1,050 graduate trainee candidates.

In delivering this important assignment, we have ensured that the outcome reflected National Spread and that all satutory requirement are complied with.

The Recruitment exercise in NNPC will be a continuous process and in this regard, the experienced hire (EH) component will be addressed in due course.

In closing, we look forward to warmly receiving our new team members and working with them to build a corporation that all Nigeria will be proud of. Signed NNPC Management

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