NPower Volunteers Lament Over State And FG Body Language For Permanency

The NPower volunteers are beginning to lament over State government and FG body language toward creating sustainable venture (Permanency )for beneficiaries 3 years after service of a programme of 2years.

The Idea of the N-Power programme by FG is to engage Nigerian youths to gain work experience and skills for participant to equip themselves and become employable or entrepreneurs.

Some of the beneficiaries have resigned because they have gain employment in other profitable ventures. However, majority of the volunteers are still confuse of their future with the programme as they agitate for permanency to move to better venture since most of them are not getting any younger.

The FG has previously remanded volunteers that the are partnering with State government and private sector for possible employment but with what we are seeing, it's very obvious that state government are not ready to partner with federal Government in absorbing N-power beneficiaries

At least Lagos state government have released list of successful candidates Shortlisted for Lagos state teaching jobs and they didn't consider N-power Instead, they selected applicant who met their requirement.

Here in Ogun state too, They have have released list of Shortlisted candidate for further processing into ogun state Primary schools teaching jobs and they didn't put any N-power into consideration

Recruitment is Also going on in Oyo state into teaching (academic) and non teaching (non academic) and the Tescom Chairman had disclosed that NPower volunteers will be considered through the same process with every other applicants. So let hope something good come out of this one for Oyo State volunteers.

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