NPower Volunteers To Get Geep Loan As Exit Package - Finance Minister

The Minister of Finance Zainab Ahmed on Tuesday in an interview on "NTA Tuesday Live" disclosed that the veteran NPower beneficiaries will get GEEP Loan so they won't go back to the street.

According to the Minister, the NPower 500,000 youth were to work for two years and they were to be supported to move to some other things, may be some other job or we hope entrepreneurship so that we can take another batch.

She said, we have the first set still on the fourth year now and there are others that had been on the waiting list, waiting for their own.

So what we have to do now is to see how we can exit the batch that is currently on, in a manner that enable them move on to something else. We hope that they will not come out and just be in the job market.

So we are going to provide them with resources through the GEEP Program so they have small loan that they can actually use to better themselves.

During the course of their training, the very first batch of that 500,000 that had device that was given to them like IPAD. On that devices there were several skills depending on what their preference was, that there were software that was uploaded so that they were learning and training even as they were doing the assignment that was given to them.

They were trained either as teachers, Agric extension workers or health extension workers. So after working now for four years, they should be able to come out of that to do something for themselves so we have a chance to take another fresh batch.

Watch the video version of the interview below:

NPower Volunteers To Get Geep Loan As Exit Package - Finance Minister

NPower Volunteers To Get Geep Loan As Exit Package - Finance Minister

Posted by Npower Discussion Group on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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  1. So N teach beneficiaries can now go and establish their own schools with 100 thousands naira loan abi

  2. Thanks alot for the plan, but how are going to apply for the loan.

  3. We thank you for plans you marshal out for us. Under this circumstances, how can a N'Teach volunteer be established? For your information, in Rivers State, we were used like slaves sent to them as we were compelled with strict supervision to be in school every working day with a threat to remove our names from the the program, any contrary.
    l personally, handled Basic 6 and 5 for almost four years. No chance given to us to learn other things apart from teaching, writing lesson notes,attending the register, attending the normal school teacher's duties,some were (like me) given a house to handle. A state like this wouldn't you compel them to absorb us instead of looking elsewhere.


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