Some Alternatives To Government Jobs In Nigeria

The latest statement by the Minister of Labour and Employment Dr. Chris Ngige circulating online is generating lots of reactions. The post stated that the federal government has advised unemployment graduates who are seeking government jobs to look elsewhere for alternative jobs. You can read more at: Graduates Seeking Govt Jobs Should Look For Alternatives - FG

What could be these alternatives jobs the Federal government is talking about? When you talk about jobs other than govt jobs then you probably may be referring to private-sector jobs or entrepreneurship/Business.

People whose dreams are to work under an organization as an employee can seek jobs in a private organization as an alternative as working for the government has become a scarce resource in Nigeria.

Other alternatives jobs to government jobs which we believe could take you away from being dependent are Business/Entrepreneurship. As a businessman or an entrepreneur, you can own a business in the retail industry or venture into other industry like Music/Movies and entertainment industry by first developing your skills in either: Movie production, editing, directing, Music production, Musician, actor/actress depending on where your talent lies.

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Digital jobs are other alternatives jobs to government jobs. A lot of youth in Nigeria have decided to take their destiny into their hands by engaging themselves in one or two digital jobs like blogging, digital marketing, Vlogging, freelancing, software and hardware engineering, Webdesign, animation content creation, etc.

All these are jobs you can do if you don't want to continue waiting for a government job. You can earn more money doing these jobs than working for the government in some cases. All you need to do is to discover where your passion lies and develop your skills around that passion then take action and watch how the money flows in.

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