4 Skills That Can Make You A Millionaire Without A Degree


Npower discussion group has written a couple of posts regarding skills Development and will continue writing until it becomes clear to our blog readers that you can become a Millionaire without a Degree if you really are serious.

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You do not need a degree, or large capital to engage in any of the below heavily in-demand skills. Yet, any of them can make you a millionaire in one year with focused determination. What is your excuse?

Some of you will come up with excuses like ‘you need a good phone with data’ Meanwhile, the value of some of the things you spend your money on is more than a good phone with data’. You come up with creative excuses, instead of creative ideas!

Four Skills That Can Make You A Millionaire Without A Degree

  • Coding
  • Video editing
  • SEO optimization
  • Blockchain technology
  • YouTubing

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