Coronavirus - Six Extra Safety Measures To Take Aside WHO Basic Safety Precautions

Over the past couple of weeks, it’s become clear that the world is facing an unprecedented challenge. Nigeria is not left out, 8 confirmed cases of the Corona Virus Disease have been recorded across different states.

While we send our heartfelt wishes to those affected by the virus, both directly and indirectly and wish them a speedy recovery, we urge you to take adequate precautions to protect yourself and loved ones from the unfortunate incident that has enveloped the globe.

As you might know, the World Health Organization has released basic protective measures against the virus, some of which include, but are not limited to washing your hands regularly, refraining from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, practising respiratory hygiene, social distancing, avoiding handshakes, amongst others. We understand it’s human to panic in the face of a pandemic but it’s more important to take extra measures to stay safe.

Below are highlight of Six Extra Safety Measures To Take Aside WHO Basic Safety Precautions:

1. Opt for virtual meetings: Business must go on as usual and thankfully, the technology to make that happen is available. Replace physical meetings with virtual meetings, Zoom and Skype are your go-to for this.

2. Stay home: It could get boring, we know, but getting the virus isn’t fun either. Thankfully, there’s cable TV; stay entertained, keep up with the news, and sleep.

3. Love from a distance: It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s the most practical thing to do. If you miss a loved one and need to catch up with them, buy airtime and load data to stay in touch

4. Walk away from cash: No, we definitely don’t want you to lose any money. However, digital channels are your safest bet for sending/receiving money and making bill payments.

5. Postpone your vacation: Now isn’t the best time to go on any trip, whether for business or shopping. You can choose to shop online instead and receive money for that business through Western Union.

6. We are positive we’ll rise above this pandemic. Please take care of yourselves and each other

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