Implementation Of National Response Plan On Covid 19 - Minister Urged NSIP , NEMA To Deploy Resource

HM Sadiya Umar Farouq chaired the coordinating meeting on covid-19. She urged the parastatals (NEMA, NCFRMI, NAPTIR OSSAP SDGs, NEDC and NSIP) and departments of the Ministry to work efficiently and deploy its resources to ensure a successful implementation of the National Response Plan, with NEMA as the lead agency for disaster management. 'Together, we will continue to leverage on the existing coordination mechanisms to ensure coordination mechanisms to ensure prevention and preparedness for the vulnerable groups.“

The Ministry will adopt a multifaceted approach with a focus on the poor and vulnerable, the elderly, refugees, IDPs, persons living with disabilities, petty traders and hawkers, laborers and blue-collar workers, homeless, low-skilled traders. In order to achieve this, the Ministry-led efforts will seek to complement the ongoing interventions of the Presidential Task Force on #COVID19Nigeria. Speaking at the coordination meeting on #COVID19 for Departments and Parastatal under the ministry

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