Breakdown Of NPower Monthly Stipends Payment Process By Mr Afolabi

Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede, the Senior Special assistant to Mr President on Job creation shared an update, breakdown process of how NPower Monthly Stipend payment is done. Read details below:


Payment Process:
The N-Power program was envisioned to be beneficial to all youth segments With the federal Government of Nigeria setting the following Goals for the Programme:

Ministry of Budget and National Planning (MBNP)(TSA) => Nigeria Inter-Bank settlement system (NIBSS)(TSA) => Volunteer Bank => Volunteer Bank Account


  • Monthly Payroll Cut-off by 8th - 11th of the each Month
  • Payroll Preparation Deadline 14th/15th of each Month
  • Payroll Approval and onward transition to MBNP (16th-18th)
  • Advisement of Funds for Payment to NIBSS (20th -27th)
  • NIBSS Payment (28th-29th)
  • Payment Report Generation (30th-1st)
  • Review and Analysis of Payment reports (1st-3rd)


In preparing of N-Power payrolls, the following volunteer Programme statutes are taken Into consideration and determine whether a volunteer Is Paid or Excluded from the list of Volunteers due payment. The table below explains each programme status category:

1.) Enrolled: Refers to an active volunteer and his payroll active

2.) Payment Hold/Suspension: Refers to a volunteer who has been reported for absconding from their duty post. Such volunteers payment ls Immediately put on hold pending regularization by the volunteer within 45 days. Failure to which is exited from the program.

3.) Voluntary Resignation: Status used for volunteers who have requested to be voluntarily removed from the program as a result of acquiring another employment or for other personal purposes.

4.) Exited from Programme: This status applies to volunteers who have been on Payment Hold greater than 45 days and are now exited from the programme on disciplinary grounds.

5.) Deceased: Refers to a volunteer who passed away during the program.

6.) Volunteers who were deployed but never showed up to claim their deployment letters.


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  1. It really make sense may almighty Godake it to be reality

  2. i guess thats why d march stipend is taking time. the reason why most volunteers are complaing very loud this month is because of the lockdowns, everybody wants to stuck their homes with food stuffs and other neccessities. God bless the federal republic of Nigeria

  3. Sir about the Bach b devices we are stell waiting.and if the is any delay of Stephen you should inform the beneficiaries to know is better.

  4. What a useful information, despite today is 11/04/2020 but no alert yet.

  5. Please sir I have seen and have gone through the payment process/payroll.I did not fall on any of d victims of been denied of my March and April stipends .I have been a competent teacher that always make sure that I carried my work effectively. Please sir,the issue should be ratified and put in place soon.batch b n teach.Abia state keystone bank.Am Anucha blessing cherechi. Thanks and remain blessed.

  6. We always think we miss good leader in this program which Mr,afolabi,so that is why we always pray,Allah show us the endless conterminous women.


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