Covid-19 Lockdown Order - Hunger May Hinder Total Compliance In Nigeria

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Countries across the globe has subjected their citizens into isolation as a remedy to contain the spread of the virus which has claimed many lives globally.

Nigeria is not left out as they have recorded 374 cases as at the time of this publication. Though the Covid-19 is not as disastrous in Africa at this moment but WHO has warned that if measures is not quickly taken to contain the spread of the virus in Africa, many people will be infected.

Nigeria has imposed lockdown in some states to prevent the spread of the virus. The problem now is whether the people can comply 100% with the lockdown order imposed by the government if adequate measures is not taken to provide palliatives for the people?.

Most Nigerian work and get paid on a daily bases and can not survive the lockdown without relief materials because of Hunger. As a result of this, the ordinary people may decide to take decision that may contradict the lockdown order which means going out to do transact transactions in order to survive. The business of transportation of people from one place to another within the villages by keke napep, okada and taxi drivers may continue secretly where lockdown is imposed.

Most Nigerians are yet to embrace online shopping, the prefer to do physical buying rather than paying online for product delivery because of the fear of been scam. This is also reason why total compliance to lockdown will be difficult because people will have to go out to get food for themselves.

Though the government of Nigeria through it Covid-19 task force has distributed relief materials to the poor and are also working on cash transfer to poor Nigerians to help people stay at home to cushion the effect of the Coronavirus. More needs to be done so that this palliatives can get to more Nigerian who really need it.

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