NPower Volunteers Are Concerned Over Permanency Transition Time Frame

One of the Npower volunteers daily rooting aside the duties they perform at their various places of primary assignment(PPA) is praying for permanency since the inceptions of the programme.

The management has also shown that they have been listening to volunteers comments regarding transition into a permanent jobs and are working on modalities in making sure that the transition plan is actualized by building on what the previous managers of the programme started.

However, the covid-19 pandemic which has affected global economy is a thing of concerned for the Npower volunteers because it has slower the rate in achieving what they are praying for(which is permanency).

Though the veteran Npower beneficiaries are not sure about what the future holds but the management is keeping volunteers hope alive, few days ago the minister of humanitarian affairs in an interview disclosed that they are working on modalities to put Npower volunteers into a permanent job. What most Npower beneficiaries are concerned about is the time frame to achieving this dreams of permanency(they want actions and not talk).

The veteran NPower volunteers have exceeded their 2years volunteering duties and are agitating for transition into a sustainable ventures because they feel that they have spent some valuable years already serving as volunteers in the NPower programme and are not getting any younger.

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