AFJP - FMARD Target 8 Million Jobs By Employing Nigerians In Agribusiness

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development(FMARD) in collaboration with PACE target eight million jobs by employing Nigerians in Agribusiness through the Agricultural for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP).

The Agricultural for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) is the FGNs’ response to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic on locally grown food supply chain. This response will ease the impending impact of global food crisis on Nigeria, protect our most vulnerable citizens and keep local food supply chains thriving. AFJP, a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Planning (PACE) Secretariat, aims to increase locally grown food supply, create employment opportunities in the agriculture sector and export food surplus using existing agreements.

Job growth along the agriculture value chain is another goal of the Agricultural for Food and Jobs Plan. We aim to create over eight million jobs by employing Nigerians in the agribusiness clusters, out grower schemes and supporting value chain activities. With unemployment rates rising as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, job creation in the agriculture supply chain will prevent disruptions in the economy and ensure a peaceful recovery for the nation.

Our goal is to achieve domestic food security for Nigerians by ensuring that the smallholder and commercial farmers have access to high-quality seeds, fertilizers, technology and other crop protection products needed to produce targeted yields. Driving priority crops and commodity production, the AFJP will increase agricultural productivity and ensure rapid economic growth

Leveraging on the Africa Free Trade Agreement framework and other global agreements, the project will facilitate the export of food surplus as well as identified export crops.

For more information visit: https://fmardpace.ng

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