FMARD Shortlist Applicants For The AFJP Induction Training Pilot

FMARD sent invitation to selected Applicants who register for the Agric for food and job plan(AFJP) / FMARD NPower validation registration for training. The Invite tittle "Invitation to AFJP induction training (pilot)

Checkout the content of the email invite in the screen shut below:

The Agric for food and job plan (AFJP) is a joint project of the federal ministry of Agriculture and Rural development (farmd) and the project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Executive (pace) Secretariat, which aims to increase locally grown food supply, create employment opportunities in the Agriculture sector and export food surplus using existing agreement.

Selected applicants invited were asked to download training slide and complete the training by ensuring that they go through the document an follow the instruction. A link was also provided for selected applicants to take a test.

For more information about the Agric for Food and job plan(AFJP) Visit: https://fmardpace.ng

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