Eleven Questions And Answers About FMARDPACE Test And Registration

A lot of you have been asking questions about the FMARDPACE registration and we thought it will be nice if we compile these questions and answers to help you solve some of your challenges.

Below are 10 questions and answers to your challenges:

1. What is FMARDPACE?

ANSWER: FMARDPACE simply means Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Planning (PACE)

2. What is AFJP?

ANSWER: AFJP simply means The Agricultural for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) is the FGNs’ response to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic on locally grown food supply chain. This response will ease the impending impact of the global food crisis on Nigeria, protect our most vulnerable citizens, and keep local food supply chains thriving. AFJP, a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Planning (PACE) Secretariat, aims to increase locally grown food supply, create employment opportunities in the agriculture sector and export food surplus using existing agreements.

3. How do I Register for FMARDPACE?

ANSWER: You can register for FMARDPACE by visiting: https://npagro.fmardpace.ng/agent/register

4. Is the registration still going on?


5. Who is Eligible to register for FMARDPACE?

ANSWER: All NPower categories can register

6. Must I pass FMARDPACE test before I can be selected as an enumerator?

ANSWER: Yes you must pass the test.

7. How can I write the test?

ANSWER: After registration, you will get an account activation email followed by another email for training and test

8. What should I do if I have challenges accessing the test?

ANSWER: Kindly join the FMARDPACE Community at http://fmardpace.ng/community and send your details such as (Name, phone number and email address)

9. What next if I successfully scaled the test assessment?

ANSWER: You will receive an email informing you that you have been enrolled

10. What should I do if I have registered and yet to get the test link?

ANSWER: You wait patiently for FMARDPACE to send your test link to your email or join the community to contact FMARDPACE.

11. How Much is an enumerator paid?

ANSWER: your remuneration is based on the number of surveys successfully submitted. A total of Three Hundred Naira (N300) is available for each VALIDATED farmer/farm captured in two tranches. N150 for each submitted farmer/farm data at the end of every week and a balance of N150 in 30 days after the exercise is closed.

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  1. When the other applicants write their test? Thanks

  2. Sir i had taken the test and had been scored but got another email again that i had register with fmard pace platform i followed the link got registered and the respond was your email has been taken. Had been waiting for a congratulatory message but all to no avail.what should i do?

  3. Help sir, please I was sent a link for the test on the 25th and I missed it after 4 day. I try and it doesn't open.so I reregistered again . Hope I will be sent another link for the test?
    Thanks sir.

  4. Please sir the text link was sent the day my fone was off. I plead for another opportunity. Thanks email [email protected]

  5. Please l have register under FMARDPACE but I have not received any massage through my email, my is Yusuf Isiaka Enesi this my number and email 08036313892 and [email protected]

  6. Good day sir, I have registered for the fmard but I have not received a mail for the test. What should I do? [email protected]

  7. Good day. I registered but I'm yet to receive the test link. It's been two days. Could there be a problem with my registration

  8. Can someone that never participate in npower too apply for the survey?

  9. I did not got my test assesment

  10. Please I received an onboarding mail my spam but failed to verify my user name and password when I wanted to click on Get blank form

  11. Hello my name is adedowole olawumi Janet,message sent to my email where i suppose to do the practice test but unfortunately saved under the spam folder and i was unable to do the test and been trying to access the testing site but failed due to lateness before seeing the message, pls how can you help me to solve the issue pls.thank

  12. Please sir, I am unable to take my test kindly assist me to resend the test link


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