FMARD PACE Social Media Contact Channels And NPower Enumerators Rewards

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development(FMARD) have extended the Npower Agro validation registration to NPower health and N-Teach volunteers who may be interested to serve as enumerators in the plan Agriculture asset survey. Interested NPower volunteers can Click here to Register as Enumerators.

After registration, you will receive an email notification to activate your account and then take an online training which will qualify you to take a 15 minutes test for the final selection.

Payment: Payment are made for every VALID survey we receive from each person.The important word is “valid”, please make sure you capture every information correctly, do not make assumptions as we will be verifying with the farmer. After we have validated the data which should be between 7-10 days after submission, we will provide a weekly view on hwo many of your services have been validated and pay you for same. It is important you dont capture eroneus information, which will require you to give an update or we may reject it.

Start date: Activities are to kickoff on Monday the 25th of may 2020. By this time you would have already completed your registration training and pass your test and receive further instructuons from our team on where you will be working and whom you will be working with. Subsequently you will be assigned to a local govt and connect with the cordinator for the activity of that local govt.

Survey Working Location: Enumerators will work in the place of their resident.

Survey duration: This activity is expected to run till the end of may. After which we would be accepting qualified enumerators on a rolling basis and deploy them.

FMARD PACE Social Media Channels:

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/FmardPace
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodbyD1JWATbxBUJw6WE2sQ
  • Faceboo: https://facebook.com/FmardPace
  • Contact NO: 07026458329

Watch the video below for the frequently asked questions(FAG) :

Is this Programme a Scam: This is certainly not a scam, the president announced this innitiative in one of his address during the Covid-19 lockdown and since then, FMARD PACE team has been working very hard to achieve this goal within the timeline. This is one of the reason why we are leveraging in such a large group of people to ensure we can complete the exercise quickly.

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  1. Pls many of couldn't write the test,is there any hope for us?

  2. Enter your comment...my scored

  3. I no longer have access to my npower mail but message wasn't sent to my alternative mail. Pls how do I write the test?

  4. Enter your comment...I have not reiceve any link to confirmed

  5. i received a message as an enumerator after the test.. but am finding difficulty uploading my ID on the link sent it just keeps loading and the file is just 500kb

  6. I can not be able to write the test pls help

  7. i'm yet to received comfirmation letter while i score a highest pass mark.

  8. I haven't been paid for the surveys carried out from 18th to 24th. My details are as follows

    Name: Aliyu Paisa
    Last name: Ibrahim
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 08068067081
    State:Niger state
    LGA: Lapai

  9. I register 158 farms from 26 of Jun to date but I don't receive my payment my name are Hassan abdulsalm my phone is 08069448879 my email address is ibniabduls[email protected] state sokoto state local government sokoto south

  10. I registered 157 from 8 of June to date but I do receive my payment my name is Hamza Danjuma my phone number 09027543239 my email address [email protected]


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