This Statement About Me Is Fake News - HM Sadiya Umar Farouq

The Minister of humanitarian affairs, HM Sadiya Umar Farouq has stated that the information circulating on social media stating that if NPower beneficiaries don't stop insulting her they may stay 2 months before having their stipend paid is not true, that the information is a fake news.

However, as NPower volunteers, we have every right to voice our concerns but in a civilized manner. Please No volunteer should be crude, rude , nasty, brutish or in a way to his or her principal. So we should try to be constructive in our approach to complaints.

Throwing tantrums and make bitter and abusive utterances against the Honourable Minister has never help. Our criticisms against her actions must be constructive at all times without failing. There should be no room for destructive criticisms that insult and demean the person of the Honourable Minister Sadiya Umar Farouk.

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  1. But is she treating the beneficiaries like these, are you telling me she do fuse to be paid at every end of the month? She started the fasting with plenty things from federal government with a lot of money being paid to her the beneficiaries did not, while some days to sallah she was paid by Government just to enjoys her sallah celebration while the beneficiaries are their mouth open, Please Hajiya sadiya faruq should note that there is no permanent place and wealth in this life

  2. Please MA, is high time we need this money for survival march and April I have not been paid


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