No Online Recruitment, 774000 FG SPW Jobs Not For Graduates - Minister

The Minister of State, Labour and Employment, Mr Festus Keyamo stated on his twitter handle that the 774000 FG Special Public Work recruitment is not for graduates, it is DESIGNED largely for UNSKILLED, ITINERANT, rural workers. Read the Minister statement below:

Whilst it is inexpedient to ask largely illiterate, itinerant workers to go on the internet, register for jobs through a portal, we shall surely upload their full names, information AFTER RECRUITMENT on a website for all to see. The monitoring process would be very transparent.

Some have asked me why there’s no registration portal for the 1000 jobs per LGA. My answer is, our real targets for these jobs are mostly unskilled rural workers who may not be literate enough and who can’t have access to any portal. The elites think everything is now by internet.

Let’s kindly note that the Special Public Works Programme is DESIGNED largely for UNSKILLED, ITINERANT, rural workers, NOT GRADUATES - those who look for manual work to do everyday. They are a vital part of society too and govt has decided to seek them out to cater for them.

The State Selection Committees would contact leaders in churches, mosques, motor-parks, markets, palaces, neighborhoods, etc to compile the names of those who ACTUALLY live in the localities. Their phone numbers would be public too so they can be contacted in their States.

Whilst the workers would be largely UNSKILLED, we shall recruit few skilled labor who would do specialized work like carpentry, painting, masonry etc, depending on the specific needs of some LGAs. So it’s just mischievous for some to keep harping that we want to clear gutters.

The SPW may become an annual dry-season event. It would greatly aid the very poor amongst us. It was one of the many templates India, Bangladesh used to lift themselves in the global poverty index. The exit strategy may involve moving the workers to some agricultural program

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