Npower 2020 Recruitment - How To Fix Common Application Issues

The Npower 2020 Recruitment Application is currently ongoing and we noticed that some applicants are finding it difficult to submit the online application due to common issues such as blank page pop up, unfunctional save button, and so on.

We noticed from your comments that some of you are having issues relating to the following:

1. Save and continue button: Leaving part of the online application form unfilled may disfunction the save and continue button. So if you experience an issue such as this, check to see that all your information is filled with No required space left. If the issue persis refreshes the page.

2. Document upload size issue: Make sure that your documents size are not more than 5MB before upload. If they do, make sure you resize the document to meet the upload requirement.

3. Application Email confirmation not received: Some of you are complaining that you don't get the confirmation email after submitting your application. If you are yet to receive the confirmation email, simply exercise some patient it will come. Make sure you check your email spam.

4. Npower portal authentic application link: The authentic application link is http://npower.fmhds.gov.ng

5. Please note that NO Ministry/NPower Official will call you to request for your details. Do not give your details over the phone to anyone, input them on any link, and share them with strangers. Do not also make payments to anyone. Application is FREE

6. Best browser To use: Use Firefox or Chrome browser for your application to avoid error

7. Data Connection: Make sure that you use a strong data connection to access the portal

8. Conducive application time: You can apply at any time but the best hour to apply is by 2am - 4am early morning

The Npower application portal is still opened and No closing date has been specified.

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  1. I have an underscore sign in the column for phone number. I can't delete or highlight it. hence I can't input my number to proceed with registration. what can I do please.

  2. My name was not displayed after filling my bvn though I am still able to register. Is everything normal


  4. My name didn't show up after upload my bvn, and the name and Gmail showing here is my but I didn't upload it because I created a new account,, pls what should I do??

  5. I mistakenly upload another persons id card instead of mine and have submitted before I notice, what shud I do? Plssss

  6. How can I correct I misteken cert instead of my NYSC discharge

  7. Network error check Network connection

  8. Pls I made this error while writen my name on the application
    Goodwin-instead of Godwin
    Basssey-instead of Bassey
    Can the error be corrected?or would it affect me please help.

  9. The REGISTER button and the Log In button appears grey and doesn't work

    Pls help

  10. i have change different pictures but it keep saying i should upload a clear picture

  11. The biometric capturing is displaying UNHANDLED EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED IN YOUR APPLICATION how may i solve this?


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