Reapply If You Applied For Npower 2020 Recruitment Before 11-45 PM June 26th 2020 Says Npower

According to Npower, those who applied for the Npower 2020 Recruitment before 11:45pm June 26th, 2020 are in for surprise. That the have stated specifically that the portal opens for application at exactly 11:45pm. Anyone who tries the link and assumes they have registered will be surprised.

Npower also stated that your registration is null and void, it doesn't count,. Only applicants who started their application at 11:45pm June 26th, 2020 the exact time of portal opening and subsequently are those whose application count.

So if you know you had applied for the Npower 2020 Recruitment before the exact time and date of the the portal opening which is 11:45pm June 2020, kindly goes back to the portal to reapply.

The registration portal is https://npower.fmhds.gov.ng

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