We And Our Parents Will Protest If Exited Without Due Consideration - NPower Beneficiaries

On today's latest Npower news, Npower batch A and B Volunteers have revealed that they will come out with their parents to protest if they are exited without due consideration. Read there statement below:

Whoever has experienced the bites of joblessness and poverty will never pray to smell it again, not even in a country like ours. The evil of unemployment is drastically and rapidly moving from worse to an unbearable inferno.

Now that it is becoming more crystal clear that our leaders seem to be pushing for the worse and being careless about who dies or lives, then we will not remain silent and fold our hands for the worse to happen.

No country needs to create more employment than Nigeria in the whole countries of the world. We are facing consequences of joblessness and poor leadership every day yet, their minds are far from repentance.

You just check the rate of cybercrime, insecurity, arm robbery, suicide, and the listless social menace which are bitter consequences of unemployment and poverty.

What could be more insensitive than to lay off a large population of youths of about 500,000 in a period like this when everyone is under lockdown. Or what could spell doom to a country whose youths are jobless and not engaged!

We are legal and law-abiding citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and deserve to be treated fairly.

On these premises, we are calling on good people of Nigeria, media houses, and all concerned groups to stand against action and ill-decision that may spell doom to the nation in View of the above-mentioned consequences and more.

Npower beneficiaries should not and must not be disengaged without a better offer and if we sense anything contrary we will come out en mass with our parents to protest and resist it.

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