Why Some People Don't Sail Through FMARDPACE Account Activation Stage

Some of the NPower Volunteers who had registered for the FMARDPACE Agric for food and jobs plan (AFJP) Program have been complaining about their inability to sail through the account activation stage.

The reason why you may not get pass the account activation stage is either you did not meet up with FMARDPACE qualification eligibility.

As an NPower volunteer, you are qualified to participate in the AFJP Survey program but there are other things that can hinder you to be selected to serve as an enumerator. When you lack the necessary tools to work as enumerators, they will pick someone who has the tool rather than wasting time on you.

The account activation email sent to you after registration is to check the type of device you are using. So, it is important that you use your Andriod device to activate your account. Don't use a window device to activate the NAAS link send to your email after registration as that may determine what happens next, whether you will progress to the next stage or not.

If you recall, one of the criteria to serve as FMARDPACE enumerator is to have a working NPower device or an Andriod phone. If your Npower device is not an android model, you may have an issue. That is notwithstanding, if you have an Andriod phone you can use it.

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If you have the phone model listed on FMARDPACE registration form below, you are good to go:

Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Nokia, Gionee.

The first email you get after registration is the NAAS account activation email, if you get to pass through that stage, you will receive the second email for training and test. And when you pass the test, you will then be enrolled as an enumerator.

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  1. Why those with Yahoo mail doesn't get through this fmardpace exercise? but only those with gmails

  2. How long does it last for won to received the test link after the fmardpace registration?


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