Will Batch A And B Be Paid NPower June Stipend

NPower June and July batch A and B stipends payment in focus in today's latest Npower news: Will there be payment before exit? The question many volunteers are asking.

As the Ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management, and social development set to exit the batch A and B Npower beneficiaries by June and July consecutively, some of the beneficiaries concerned are asking questions whether their June and July Stipends will be paid alongside the transit to the said Government entrepreneurship scheme.

It is possible that the batch A beneficiaries will receive their June stipends since the exit is fixed for 30th June 2020 because NPower had not mentioned the stoppage of stipends yet. However, for the batch B volunteers, their June and July stipends payment is sure since they will remain in the programme till July 31, 2020.

As regards to NPower payment crisis, the minister of humanitarian affairs has stated that there are about 12,000 NPower volunteers who are affected and all measures are in place to see that those affected backlogs are cleared.

NPower on its twitter handle stated that to NPower batch A and B beneficiaries, they have seen your questions on the exit plan, backlogs, and devices. In the following days, these issues will be addressed individually.

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  1. Please give us our devices before exit; it is cheating

  2. One Npower volunteer is more important than reps and senators in the society

  3. We in Nasarawa State, we have not being paid for backlog of 2016 December and some us also from january to April (I.e 1 and 5 months

  4. Every beginning as an end to God be the GLORY as the end of the npower programme only batch B get cheated (spend only two years while batch A four years n above). There is transparency, justice and integrity. Npower change life of many Nigeria while in the next two months those volunteers will experience crushers moment of there life. My advice to all volunteers do something for yourself and stop depending on Government Jobs.

  5. There is no need for universities in Nigeria since graduates cant get government jobs. The rich kept on getting richer while the poor poorer in Nigeria. Nigeria already has a large number of sellers with few buys. Qualified graduates are being adviced to do business or sell petty trade with a B sc degree. While countries abroad pay their students and also pay their citizens at home during this pandemic. The giant of Africa Nigeria as they call it has exit 300,000 npower beneficiaries into prostitution, yahoo(cyber fraud)etc. No wander young youth of Nigeria kept on crossing desert to hustle in other country and also running into Ghana. All npower stipends for each beneficiary put together is what a senator, president, Minister etc gives to their daughter or son for a one round shopping just to change their wardrobe. Nigeria leaders should think before acting. Nigeria has money to pay as many employees. The Giant of Africa should stop sending their graduates into the street because one day the street will affect the economy. Politics can turn against anyone who thinks he is smart because man cannot be smarter than God. Nigeria leaders think twice before taking any decision to avoid human crisis in the economy.


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