Apply For Maltina Teacher Of The Year Award 2020

Maltina Teacher of the Year Award aims to recognize and celebrate exceptional teachers in Nigeria. The initiative is open to teachers in ALL secondary schools across the country. There will be champions from each state of the federation and the FCT from which the overall winner will emerge State Champions that emerges from the 36 States and the FCT are recognised and rewarded, the National Winners emerges from these State Champions after further assessment.


1st Prize

  • N1.000,000 instantly
  • N1,000.000 annually for 5 years
  • Capacity development training
  • A block of 6 classrooms in school
  • N500,000 as State Champion

2nd Prize

  • 1:000,000 plus N500.090 as State Champion

3rd Prize:

  • N750,000 plus N500,000 as State Champion

State Champion

  • N500,000 as State Champion

Application closing date: 14th August 2020

How to apply:

Are you that teacher who has made a positive impact in the lives of many students? Do you deserve to be the Maltina Teacher of the Year? This is for you.

Click here to apply

Note: Application Open to teachers in public and private secondary schools

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