Pay Us Our June And July Stipends - Npower Volunteers Weep

Npower volunteers beg Ministry of Humanitarian affairs to pay their June and July 2020 Stipends.

Pay us our June and July Stipends and give us permanent employment or reasonable grant the lament, statement going round on Npower volunteers social platforms.

We are the pride of this Nation and we refused to be treated as second class citizens, they weep as they demand for backlogs of four months Stipends owe some volunteers. The worked for it and they must be paid as well. Says Npower Volunteers on their social media platforms.

The Minister of Humanitarian affairs stated a week ago that the volunteers will be paid their stipend this week but nothing has been done since then.

The image above is one of the volunteers caption. They have been agitating through peaceful protest since their exit for Federal government to provide them with better exit package in form of permanency or grant so that they will not be sent back to the street without a sustainable venture.

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  1. It's very clear that the so call minister of disaster herself is a disaster to the youth of Nigeria and forgotten that the history will go down, she can spend 850b to feed ghost student,ex-militant can be paid 65000/months, government can sponsor ex-boko haram, they have money to change vehicles for house of rep/senate but to paypay npower stipend /give 300b loan to establish them government cannot.i think it's high time the youth of this country stand up and fight like every other country,no matter your gift no sponsor so what will be the future when tomorrow dies today


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