English Transcribed Of HM Sadiya Farouq Interview On DW Hausa On Npower Issues

HM Sadiya Umar Farouq had an interview today with DW Hausa live on Facebook and we transcribed the key things she said about Npower. Read below:

The minister of humanitarian affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq explains the role of her ministry, what they do and when it was established by Mr.President.

According to her, they are preparing strong for Npower programme. President Buhari is seeing that there is a need to help unemployed graduates with opportunities in farming, health Teaching.

She said batch A was exited in June and we will see how we will exist batch B this July. Some of the Npower volunteers have started a business.

The portal has open to take new people. There is no religion in the recruitment process, if you are qualified you will be selected.

Our plan is to make sure that we see beneficiaries become self-reliant and so far 109,823 volunteers have established their own business.

The Minister also talked about the displaced person, how they are making sure to see that they get back to their homes.

Regarding stipends payment, she said some have collected for those who have not this week we are entering they will collect their pay. Some with two to three months backlogs are those who abscond from their PPA deliberately and were reported and are the victim of non-payment scenarios.

They‘ve perfected everything concerning stipend and subsequently refer to the ministry of finance for payment we'll soon receive our stipend.

She talks about Npower programme that those without education or with primary school or secondary certificate can apply for Npower build, Npower Agro, and Npower Tech. Npower teach and Npower health is for graduates.

Those who have been reported from their PPA are those who are existed, if you don't have an issue in your PPA you will be paid.

Bach C portal will eventually close apparently next week for further authentication, and fish out those that are working and still applied and the existing beneficiaries that reapplied because of selfish interest.

You can also watch the English video transcription below:

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