Kwara State Npower coordinator Held Press Briefing Appeal For Permanency

The Npower Kwara State coordinator and Npower beneficiaries kick against disengagement of batch A and B volunteers in a press briefing to newsmen. Watch the briefing in the video below.

Kwara State coordinator/chairman Npower beneficiaries Comrade Bello Mubarak Salau made the appeal while briefing newsmen in Ilorin the Kwara state capital.

Comrade Bello Mubarak Salauaid said “We are well informed by the federal government from initial that the empowerment is supposed to be for two years, notwithstanding, we believed so much that the federal government can equally look into it and extend or perhaps gainfully engaged these people so that they don’t go into the street and course commotions so that they don’t go back and subdue our economy which we are trying to fight we are not saying that the government has not been magnanimous we appreciate the government for that but we hope that the government can do more.

like Oliver twist, we are asking for more, we believe so much that with Covid-19 at this time, the economy is crashing, we are trying to revive the economy, if you now disengaged 500, 000 youth at this period, are you helping the economy or you are making the economy worse more and that is why we are soliciting the federal government and all state to absorbed whatever percentage they can and support others to be self-reliant and employers of labor” he said

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