What Minister Of Finance Said Regarding Npower Exit Transition On NTA Today

On today' latest Npower news on exit and transition, the honorable Minister of finance, budget and National planning, Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed was interviewed on NTA earlier this morning on a discussion "Nigeria Economic Sustainability plan - part 2" and someone asked a question regarding Npower exit which honorable responded to as followed:

Question: Is there a plan for FG to give beneficiaries a permanent job rather than disengaging them to the street?

The honorable Minister of Finance responded as followed: On the loses of the job for Npower, yes there are Npower employee that has been exited but there is another batch that is going to come out.

She said the essence of the whole idea of Npower was that you were to be employed for two years, during the period you are developing skills and then you exit by taking a loan from GEEP to start your own business and that is the concept we are going back to.

These ones that have been exited have stayed for over three years and have the opportunity to apply for all of these loans that are structured and we have another batch that is coming.

Watch the Minister speak in the video below;

Video credit: NTA

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  1. May Almighty Allah help Nigerian youth

  2. The Mind of Nigerian Youths.

    A sincere Government / country wouldn't do what Nigeria govt is about to do. Y is it that, all their eyes are strictly focused on the growing Youths. Y are Nigerian leaders bent on frustrating the Nigerian youths. I want them to know that they are disturbing our peace.

    Have they ever dare to stop Amnesty stipend, have they dare to publickly prosecute those looters who steal billions and go around with billion vans? Y are they so mean when it comes to the youth.

    The same Buhari promised to employ Nigerian youths if voted into power, now he's fighting the youth in the guise of farouq, for just #30.000.

    No one should underrate the Nigerian youths. We may be patient and peace loving but highly destructive also to be frank.

    30k is not even up to what our govt should boast of that they are paying the youths. If they push us further, we would have to sit with them on round table and discourse on how we should rightly share the nations cake because its not only for the criminally minded politicians we have.

    A hundred thousand for every eligible youth of Nigeria is not even enough but if we must consider other things and manage 30k then, they should respect our patience. Good bye.

  3. Its really sad that nsoft category have being partially sidelined

  4. I wonder what skilled N-Teach and and N-Health beneficiaries learnt that will enable them start their own businesses with the intended loan. I am guessing they are expected to start private schools and hospitals

  5. It is clear that the leaders of this nation have no futural plan for this country, you can imagine people trained to be teach to be given loan to start what kind of business? Private schools or what? What a waited effort after this 3and half year training of teaching, you start thinking how to sell. GOD will help this country

  6. this government should do their possible best to made sure nigerian youth get permanent employment


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