No going Back On Exit - Exited Volunteers Will Be Paid Next Week (Femi Adesina)

The spoke person to the President, Mr. Femi Adesina has made it clear on Channels TV, Friday, the 7th of August 2020, that all exited Npower volunteers will be paid not later than next week.

The presidential spoke-man made it clear on the position of government to the exited volunteers, in his precise words, "there is no going back, disengaged volunteers are already exited"

The government cannot continue to pay 500,000 volunteers for life, others will be given the same opportunities.

"He disclosed that the batch C registration has shown that, more Nigerians are willing to have skills, as shown by the numbers of applications received.

Before the end of next week, all volunteers would have been paid, we have strategized and modified means to pay all the Exited volunteers without flagging of account, the presidential adviser added.

The president's spokesman said the issues the protesters were demonstrating about such as insecurity, corruption, poverty, and rights abuse were not peculiar to Nigeria and so the protests were misguided.

He said the N-Power programme, which gives unemployed youths temporary jobs and monthly stipends was one of the ways the government was addressing joblessness.

Adesina added that the President recognizes the problems but they cannot be addressed in one fell swoop.

When asked if the clampdown on protests would continue Adesina noted that the government will do whatever is right, whatever is required to maintain peace in the country”

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  1. Let the will of God be done, but our leaders in this country are used and dump, the used npower for their second term ambition and now forget their promise

  2. There is God ooo. No voting for APC anymore, there plan is to use our brains and dump us. This stipent is like biscuits sharing

  3. What about the exit,package, so they have been fooling themselves

    1. What exit package are you expecting from this folks, they don't have an iota of Truth in them.

  4. You Adesina or what you call yourself, it as shown in you that opportunist like you always resist progress of peoples willing to prosper always you you and your family alone.....Don't worry you can't escape God judgement

  5. In god we thrust, let's will be done.

  6. There is time for everything in life to God be the Glory.

  7. I know the minister has been all this while playing a script. God save us.

  8. As we all know, the Buhari's Administration has tried, we are suffering in the hands of those he gave mantle of leadership, we have suffered from the Disaster Minister, between me and her, Allah ya isa, for the untimely pay, and I pray she never hold any political office till God do her path.


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