What It Takes To Successfully Become An Npower Volunteer

In the previous Npower recruitment, successfully selected Npower beneficiaries passes through all the eight (8) stages of the N-Power recruitment process listed below. So also before one can be said to be successful in the N-Power recruitment exercise for 2020, they will probably pass through the following stages:

  • Completed online registration, BVN Validation, online assessment test, device selection, preselection, physical verification, selection and deployment

Let us talk a little about the stages to know what they are actually all about and what is expected at every level.

1. Completed Online Registration: I believe that you must have completed your online registration. If you have not, the federal government postponed the registration exercise to accommodate those who are yet to do the registration.

2. BVN Validation: this is very important checking to see if your BVN match with your bank details.

3. N-power Online Assessment Test: N-Power does Conduct online aptitude test for all its applicant. As soon as they finalize the registration processes, up next would be the test.

4. Npower Device Selection: the fourth stage is the normal device selection.

5. Npower Pre-selection: the N-Power device selection would immediately be followed by preselection which will bring you closer to the final stage.

6. Physical Verification: in this stage, your fitness as well as your credentials will be screened.

7. Selection: at this point, you have emerged successful for N-Power posting.

8. Deployment: When you get posted by N-Power only then will you start benefit from the scheme.

You should be careful at every stage. This year's experience is a little different from what we have been having other years because of the number of people that entered for it.

I hope you now know all the things that are expected of you to become a beneficiary of the scheme.

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