English Translation Of HM Sadiya Farouq Npower Backlog Payment Interview Explanation

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, HM Sadiya Umar Farouq was recently interviewed in the Hausa language at her meetings with NSIP focal person regarding Npower backlog payment and she explained why some N-power beneficiaries are yet to get their stipends for some months. The office of the Accountant General is the last authority responsible for the release of their stipends. However, all is being done to get them paid, she said. Read the details below:

The truth is that we do collect and look at and we also work with the office of the accountant general. Just as I was saying, whatever we are going to do from our own side has been done to pay all these people but as you all know Npower will do their own but those with final payment are those in the accountant general office.

According to the Minister, we have sent the payment but there are some payment returned, saying there are some money different if you know the GIFMIS payment platform if you do receive money from the government it shows. So that is why we have this issue.

And also we are looking to see that those using the account used during NYSC, and during the INEC Adhoc election exercise. So that we can fish them out and pay them their backlog.

The money is available, there is nowhere the money was taken to. So those cleared that are eligible for the payment will be paid if the accountant general is done. Watch the video below:

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  1. But like me, I didn't work with INEC or NYSC account and I am not working in any government agencies,please do some about it.

  2. Madam pls is the accountant general different from the accountant general that handled it when Osibanjo and Afolabi were in charged???

  3. What about July stipend for batch b?


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