Link To Apply For Free Survivalfund CAC Business Registration


The Registration portal for Survivalfund Formalisation Support, free CAC Business name Registration is now open for Applicants to register to get the opportunity for their business to be registerered.

The registration of 250,000 New Business Names with CAC. The Federal Government will be providing free CAC business name registration for 250,000 businesses.

FREE 250,000 FG/CAC BUSINESS NAMES REGISTRATION FOR MSMEs - Business formalisation Support of the MSME Survival Fund

As part of Federal Government's post Covid-19 Pandemic survival intervention to support micro and small businesses to formalise their businesses, the Federal Government has approved the free registration of 6,606 Business Names in each of the 34 states while Abia, Lagos and Kano will have 7,906, 9,084 and 8,406 respectively.

Consequently, all interested Micro and Small Entrepreneurs, Artisans, Craftsmen/Women (one or more persons) that are yet to formalise their businesses should take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Aggregators have been appointed to receive applications from interested persons in line with CAC requirements.

The names and contact details of the aggregators can be obtained on the Commission's Website as follows: www.cac.gov.ng or you can Click Here to view screen shot of aggregators names.

The free registrations will start on the 19th October 2020.

Don't be left out! Hurry now to any of the centres with the following documents to register your business:

  • Three (3) Proposed Names
  • Two (2) Passport sized photographs
  • Valid Means of Identification
  • Phone Number/Email address

For information visit Official CAC website here

There is also a link: https://sfund.cac.gov.ng to login for the Formalisation Support registration on the survivalfund Application portal.

This opportunity will save you the cost if you were to register without survivalfund support. Grab this opportunity now.

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  1. There's no register icon before one could sign in. Please, how can i do it.

  2. I only see sign in option and no registration option, what can I do

  3. The link provided is not working

  4. I registered successfully with a mail sent to my Gmail what is the next step because I can't sign in

  5. I registered successfully and a message was sent into my Gmail which clicked to confirm my registration but I can't still sign into the CAC portal to continue

    1. Which website did you use for the registration?

  6. How can I log in to the portal to register?

  7. Please this link is not working pls create another one

  8. Joe, which of the links did you used, as there is only login option. Lets know pls. Thanks

    You just post content with checking it or ask logical questions that your audience will.
    How can someone login with registration? Why should I go true aggregators? their phone numbers don't go especially the Lagos Guy or they won't pickup. Nigeria is a SCARM. This they put fake data of people that are not real and spoil the entire scheme.

  10. the cac is registration is not free in AKWA IBOM AND WE CAN DO IT

  11. Please be I need the link for cac application form.


  12. Please I need the link to register

  13. I have secure a business name with #500, then after the full registration I'm ask to make another payment of #10,000. But I thought is free

  14. Mr Timothy's number for Lagos state has never gone through.and no e-mail address for him


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