A Review Of Sadiya Umar Farouq Week - 22 November 2020

The HM Ministry of Humanitarian affairs, Sadiya Farouq Week In Review - 22 November 2020.

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the World celebrated International Men's Day. As | reflect on my week, | wish to commend all men especially those who are pillars of support for their women and children.

The significance of men supporting women cannot be overemphasized especially in a fraught world where women face diverse challenges on the basis of their gender.

This was brought to the fore on Tuesday when | joined my sister Minister, Dame Paulen Tallen at the launch of the National Situation Room & Data Dashboard for Ending Gender-Based Violence Against Women In Nigeria.

I want to acknowledge the Ministry of Women Affairs as well as sundry partners in helping this initiative get off the ground. it will make a huge difference in our fight against Gender-Based Violence & the provision of social protection for the vulnerable.

On the same day, I received in the audience the Director of Emergency Ops at the International Organisation of Migrations, Mr. Jeffery Labovitz, and his top mgt team. Our interaction focused on how the IOM can support & collaborate with #4FMHDSD towards decongesting IDP camps.

On Wednesday I attended the virtual Federal Executive Council meeting alongside my other cabinet colleagues. It was presided over by President Muhammad Buhari.

Also on that same Wednesday, I attended the virtual EU Inter-Ministerial meeting. In my comments, I emphasized the need for an integrated approach to the humanitarian issues plaguing the nation. | also took time out to highlight the work we continue to do #FMHDSD

On Thursday | joined my sister minister, Dame Paulen Tallen in commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security.

I noted the challenges women face when it comes to participating in peacebuilding while noting that #FMHDSD is keen to work with all critical stakeholders in fixing existing gaps critical to addressing political, social & economic vulnerabilities before, during & after crises.

I was in Ebonyi State on Thursday for the flag off of the FG's Rural Women’s Cash Grant. 200 women from each of the 13 LGAs in Ebonyi State received N20,000 cash during the flag off. A total of 2,600 rural women will benefit from this program aimed at empowering women. Have a good week.

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