NALDA Begin Engaging Youths Into Rabbits Farming

NALDA has started engaging young farmers into rabbit farming for good money making with less stress and hazard, the distribution of 5 rabbits, feeds, cages and drugs per young Farmer as a startup with capacity building has commenced.

Three ways to Make good money with rabbit rearing.

  • Do you know that as a rabbit farmer you can make as much as N30,000-40,000 per month just from the urine and faeces of rabbits?
  • Do you also know that from the sales of the hide (skin) you can make another N30,000-40,000 per month?
  • Do you know that from the rabbit meat
  • (white meat which is healthier than red meat) you can also make an average of N50,000 per month?

That is a total average of N120,000 monthly. Surprising?

How to apply for NALDA oppotunities:

Some of the Nalda Programs are Community base Program so the Recruitment is done through the stakeholders in the community.

Those interested can simply visit NALDA office in their state to get details on how to enroll.

Kindly Click NALDA States Office Address to view your state office.

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