Why FG Must Create Opportunity For Persons Above 35

The age discrimination that cuts across the human development sector in Nigeria is one of the reasons some people are unable to get out of the unemployment situation. This situation is worrisome and should be looked into by the government in order to find a lasting solution to the matter once and for all.

A situation whereby a government youth Empowerment program supposedly initiated to create opportunity will in turn filter out some category of people who are mostly hit by unemployment because of age discrimination.

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In Nigeria, the Government will initiate opportunities and set the eligibility age to 18 to 35, what should those above 35 who are mostly hit by unemployment do? I know some of you will say entrepreneurship! Well some of them are already entrepreneurs and also will need to benefit from some of the government support Scheme to recover from the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I think the government should also set-up Scheme for Persons above 35 to balance the equation as the saying goes life begins at 40. At 40 you should be able to provide for your family but the situation in Nigeria is different.

In as much as unemployment is a problem for all ages in Nigeria, those above 35 are the ones most in the labour market searching for jobs because of age discrimination.

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The discrimination situation is no longer HND Vs BSc, it is now between-person age 18-35 Vs above 35. The government should always make a policy that will benefit all of Nigeria so that everyone will be happy about it.

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