Having Nexit Portal Email Verification Issues - What You Should Do

The Npower NEXIT Portal seems to be functioning better than when it was launched but the portal still has some issues. It is not yet functioning perfectly reason be that most Volunteers that registered today are yet to receive a verification email to activate their account after registration.

Our observation is that the management of the portal is still working to perfect the portal. Remember the Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq stated in her latest update that the portal will be up and running before or on Sunday after the portal went on Maintenance mode.

Our recommendation is that when you successfully register on the Nexit portal and you didn't receive a verification email, try to login with the email and password you registered with to resend the email verification again, and if that doesn't work then we suggest you wait patiently for the management to rectify the issue.

The verification mail will come to you later or you will be directed on what next to do. The NEXIT PORTAL is still experiencing some technical issues which will be sorted out in due time.

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Exited NPOWER VOLUNTEERS are to use THE SAME EMAIL they used in registering for Npower and which is recorded on their Npower profile to register on the NEXIT PORTAL. It is not necessary you use NPVN password for NEXIT but mandatory to use NPVN email for NEXIT.

For those that can not access that same email, reasons being that it has been blocked or suspended, endeavor to direct your inquiries to the support team email: [email protected].

If you don't have access to your Npower email anymore or you encounter a problem while registering in the NEXIT portal, especially for those with the defunct [email protected], you should kindly send the issues to [email protected] by clearly indicating the following:

  • Your former email address and your new email address
  • Npower ID/Program

NOTE: You should properly indicate in the subject of your email the problem when sending an inquiry mail to the NSIP Support team.

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  1. Oredy I sent my information but I don't see any reply

    1. I sent my information and didnt receive mail from them again after I have sent the information they required for them to reactivate my account on Nexit

  2. Please l need help l can't access my Email address it kee sending me back to previous page later it will write oopout, how do l resolve this, is not opening

  3. Pls I can't access my verification mail. Please help

  4. Please I try to log in to my email and see Nexit portal but they are telling me incorrect password what can I do I need help please

  5. please i have not received my confirmation mail. [email protected]

  6. Pls help me correct my email address have sends email severally but no response and I can't proceed on my entry ,pls help me out

  7. Pls help me correct my email address have sends email severally but no response and I can't proceed on my entry ,pls help me out

  8. I cannot access my mail, I mean the one on my npvn. I have send message to support @ nsip.gov. ng. With all the information till now, no response from them. What can I do to register my nexit?

  9. Having problem with my yahoo mail,can't receive my confirmation mail

  10. My email is still saying invalid email or password. Please help me

  11. I have fill the form but yet no activation code to confirm my registration

  12. Pls I can't register.keeps showing email not recognized as a beneficiary. Pls what do I do?

  13. Up till now I have not been able to receive my email on the next step. It is showing me, my update is still pending. I don't know what to do again, please help me out.


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