No Closing Date Set For NEXIT Portal Yet

On today's latest Npower news: No closing date set for NEXIT portal yet. The NSIP Team have not set a deadline for the Nexit Registration yet, said NNEKA IKEM, SA to Minister of Humanitarian affairs.

According to Nneka Ikem, For @npower_ng beneficiaries still awaiting their validation mail, you'll receive it soon as mails are being sent in batches to prevent the NEXIT Portal platform from crashing. No deadline yet so please wait patiently.

If have not register yet, visit the Nexit portal to apply, if you have registerered and waiting for email verification, kindly wait patiently, if you are having difficulty, error in registering contact NSIP Team on [email protected].

The Nexit portal is functioning better then when it was launched. We wish all Applicants Success in their NEXIT journey.

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  1. Thank you for the update. How about the issues of those having outdated email address? We forwarded our complaints but no response.


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