Full Video - Kidd kissed Kaisha Twitter Trend

Kaisha clear the air on the trend going on Twitter that she kissed Kiddwaya at Praise Birthday. According to Kaisha, she woke up to a trend that Kidd kissed Kaisha last night and she doesn't know how! See tweet below:

So I woke up to “Kidd kissed Kaisha last night “ How??? Oh yes I had too much to drink at Praises birthday party last night and I don't remember kissing Kidd so where's this coming from?

According to Kaisha, Kidd's ritual of pouring drinks into our mouths is not new and we all know how playful he is. Kidd is like a brother to me and I have never imagined kissing Kidd! Never!!! It's my fault that I was careless last night, I had too much to drink.

My carelessness pushed a Negative Narrative about Kidd and I sincerely apologize for that, For those assuming on Kidd's behavior saying he kissed me here you go... the full video:

The incomplete video shared earlier created serious debate and reaction from fans of Erica, Kaisha, and Kiddwaya who might have found the trend interesting. So a fan said the rich roll with the rich, Kaisha's family is wealthy, I don't mean GoFundMe wealthy.

Another fan said ’ Okay I guess it was praise birthday party, there was probably a game Kidd and Kaisha's game surfaced online with the help of Kaisha though, but why is Erica pretending to hug trikky so much to avoid Kidd, I have a headache, please.

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