Mistakes To Avoid Before Next Stage Of NEXIT Programme

The next stage for Nexit Programme for the Exited Npower batches A and B Volunteers is about to commence and it very important that Applicants take the necessary precautions to prevent situations that will prevent them from moving past the first stage. Read Nneka Ikem Latest Update On Nexit Next Stage And Npower Backlog Payment

We have seen a lot of Applicants struggling to move to pass the first stage due to one situation or the other. For you to have passed the first stage Successfully, is something that you should be grateful for, and must be ready to avoid making mistakes that will lead you to have to contact the NSIP Support team.

Some of the applicants have started making mistakes already by not remembering their password used to register for nexit portal. For you to be able to accept what the next stage brings for you, you must have access to your NEXIT portal login details.

Below are Mistakes to avoid before Nexit Next Stage:

1) Avoid anything that will make you forget your login details such as password and email.

2) You must make sure that you Submit your record correctly via the "update Record" link on the portal.

3) You must not forget your security code/secret questions to enable you to change your forgotten password.

4) Check that your records are accurate and that you can still login to the portal if not reset your password before the next stage.

For those of you who are still facing Registration difficulty, do not give up keep trying. You can check this: New Update To Help You Fix Nexit Portal Issue

Let's hope for the best.

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  1. My gmail is not active I sent my complain via Nsip three weeks ago to rectify my problems no reply up to date please what can I do.thankyou

  2. That's lovely and welcome development. Will are good to go on the next phase of n-exit


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