Probability Of Other CBN Loan Beneficiaries Not Receiving Nexit Loan

We came across this rumor circulating that the Exited Npower Volunteers who benefited from other CBN Loan will not benefit from Nexit options so we decided to share this update with you. Whether the above rumor is true or not, we should wait for the Nexit team to answer the question. Read also HM Sadiya Farouq Gives Update On Nexit Loan Disbursement

However, any government loan that you see on media outlet, CBN transferred fund directly to the beneficiaries account and it is expected that those beneficiaries will pay back, such loans from the federal Government include COVID 19, NYIF, Market money, NIRSAL etc. All the beneficiaries for the above loans have their records with the CBN. Read also Link To Apply For Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)

The fact is this is an automated payment system so therefore, if the system detect that you have received a loan from CBN without paying back, it will automatically flag your account. It will be very difficult for loan defaulters to benefit from further loan from FG without repaying their old loans.

So for Npower beneficiaries those that have benefitted from the above loans, there is likely hood that you may not get NEXIT loan from CBN but will be opportune to benefit from other options like the e-commerce training and others.

The only way beneficiaries can escape this is if the fund isn't coming from CBN direct. Read also How To Successfully Sign Up For Npower NEXIT Opportunities

We hope that the CBN Empowerment options will be equally beneficial to all.

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