Disclaimer - The Fake Website Npower Warned You About

This is to inform the public and prospective Npower batch C applicants undergoing a computer-based test that the only authentic website for them to carry out the test NASIMS portal https://nasims.gov.ng.

There is a fake message generated from a fake website informing N-Power applicants about a purported screening test scheduled to hold on 23rd May 2021 by 11:00am. See screenshot below:

Taking a clear look at the fake website below. Its web address is www.npower.fmhds-gov-ng.web.app. Observe that the scammers that created the fake site used hyphen (-) to separate “fmhds”, “gov” and “ng” thereby making it look like the real Federal Ministry of Humanitarian affairs website used for Npower Registration a few months ago, in order to extract personal information from unsuspecting innocent N-power applicants.

A few days ago FMHADMSD Unveils NASIMS Portal Link For Npower Applicants. The new enrollment portal for the batch C Applicants

Recall that during the Npower batch C application period months ago, the same fake website did the same thing until the Npower team and the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian affairs decided to release a statement warning applicants to stay away from the fake website. See the warning below:

For clarity, the real Federal Ministry of Humanitarian affairs website is https://npower.fmhds.gov.ng. Observe it’s different from the fake one mentioned earlier above. The genuine N-Power site uses dots (.) throughout, with no hyphen.

Please note that the only genuine N-Power website now for Batch C is the Nasims portal. Read also Npower Batch C Test Link And Instructions

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