Npower News - Advise For Applicants Yet To Register For Nexit

We are writing this post in response to some of the questions the Nexit Applicants that are yet to successfully register for nexit are asking. Questions such as, is Nexit portal closed? What of us that are yet to register due to one problem or Another?

If you fall under the category of applicants asking these questions then this is for you. As of this moment, the Nexit portal signup link is still functioning, it is not over until it is complete. So, we will like to encourage some of you having issues to not relent on your end in making sure that you get your NEXIT Registration issue resolved.

The Nexit Management team has not issued any statement whether they have stopped fixing applicants' problems on the portal so keep trying all possible means to reach out to the Nexit support team even if you have tried before. Try again, sent them emails, call their support number. See also New Way To Contact NSIP Team For Nexit Portal Support

The Npower management team's attention is on the batch C prospective applicants right now as they undergo their enrollment process. You can also visit the batch C Nasims portal to also contact the support team in regards to your NEXIT issues since that is where their focus is right now.

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  1. Sir. We really appreciate all your efforts on this; but the question is, can batch c stream 1 apply for next now?


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