Possible Cut off Mark for Npower Batch C Test

We have seen some Npower test results from Applicants who have taken the test and took to social media to share their scores with their colleagues. Some scored below average, some scored average, and others scored above average.

However, the question most of the Applicants are asking is to know the required cut-off mark for the Npower test.

Though the Npower management team has not specified the cutoff mark for the ongoing batch C test, what we assume is that the "NPower Cut off mark for Batch ‘C’ online test is the minimum mark required to get through the next stage of the selection process in the programme. Check out How To Score Above 50 In Nasims Npower Batch C Test

Nevertheless, the probability of moving to the next stage after the test might depend on the performance of your State. If the performance of most Applicants in your state is above average then the probability of those who score below average moving to the next stage will be low. But if the performance of most Applicants in your state is below average, then those who score low might be considered.

N-power test is a competitive exam, which is totally different from any other exams that you must have faced in your schools. In school exams, you compete with yourself to make good grades, but when it comes to Npower or other competitive exams like UTME or Post UTME, you compete with thousands of other applicants. See also Npower Batch C Test Link And Instructions

So, in school exams, your success depends on how much effort you have put in, but in the N-power test, your success depends on how many people that you score higher than in that particular exam.

What is the N-power Cut-off Mark for Batch C Test?

Be informed that the official Npower cut-off mark for the Batch ‘C‘ test has not been announced yet. Although the pass mark might be 40%, applicants are expected to score 50% and above to have a greater chance of being selected.

The N-power Batch ‘C’ test is no doubt a competitive exam where you are competing with over 5 million registered applicants in which only the best 500,000 people would be taken. Therefore, the higher your test score, the higher your chances of winning. You can also check How To Score Above 50 In Nasims Npower Batch C Test

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  1. Good evening, how can one see his or her date of test and the date of closing, in the dashboard?

  2. Pls Is it possible for one to re write the test??

    1. after submission No, before submission yes.

  3. I scored 65% I think it goes well?


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