Fmardpace August 2020 To February 2021 Pay Successfully Processed

Remember a few weeks ago, we told you that Fmardpace is processing Enumerator's August to February 2021 stipends. If you have forgotten about the update, read it here Fmardpace Enumerators To Get August 2020 To February 2021 Survey Payment.

The good news is that the payment for August 2020 to February 2021 has been successfully processed. According to Fmardpace, this is a 50% payment for surveys that passed 1st level validation. All other outstanding payments are being processed. Thank you for your patience.

Fmardpace has also said that Call Center agents are currently calling registered AFJP farmers for the Dry/Wet Season Farming Support. This is to ensure the 0% interest input loans get to the right farmers.

Enumerators are kindly advised to sensitize their farmers to expect Fmardpace calls from 12th April 2021. Be assured that every AFJP farmer with a valid survey will be called.

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