How To Know A Fake NPower Text Message

As part of our contribution in making sure that we provide vital information to our blog readers who are mostly N-Power Volunteers, we have decided to draw your attention to the trending text message been sent out. These messages are also circulating on social media.

The message has been confirmed by NPower to be true, it was for the Npower batch C. Whether you are a prospective Npower batch C or an exited batches A and B Volunteers, you should be careful on how you provide your vital information in a public domain or on fake Npower website which we earlier warned you about. You can read the post here Disclaimer - The Fake Website Npower Warned You About

Though this new Message that required that some prospective Npower applicants should click a link and urgently fill the form to validate their phone number and N-Power ID is true, you should be careful on how you disclose your vital data. Do not input your Npower information on any fake portal asking you for your Npower or Nexit login details. Except if the message comes from the authentic Npower Nasims portal or official N-Power social media pages.

How to Know a fake Npower text message:

1) If the message sent to you containing a link that requires you to fill in your N-Power details but did not direct you to the original Npower portal which is Nasims portal, rather redirect you to a fake Npower Recruitment website.

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2) Check the sender of the message if the phone number or email doesn't tally with the Npower NASIMS portal support contact for batch C, and the Nexit support team contact for batches A and B, ignore it.

3) If the official NPower social media pages did not confirmed it.

Take Note to avoid being scammed!!!

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