Latest Npower Message On NASIMS Portal Records Update

In today's latest Npower news - N-Power Batch C Applicant who received the following message but has already updated their information on Nasims portal and have taken the test should ignore it. Below is the message:

Dear N-Power Applicants,
You are required to update your records on www.nasims.gov.ng and take an online test in order to proceed to the next stage of program recruitment.
Further information has been sent to your email address. Reach +234 188 850 11 for enquiries

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The message was probably sent out in bulk to applicants who are yet to update their NASIMS portal record and yet to write their test but it happens that some Applicants who have updated their records and also taken the test got the message too.

If you think you got the message wrongly, and you are sure that you have updated your records and take your test, please visit the NASIMS portal to view your test result. See How To View Your Npower Test Result On NASIMS Portal

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