What You Need To Do If You Have Written Npower Batch C Test

What You Need To Do If You Have Written Npower Batch C Test

In today's latest Npower news - We like to congratulate all Npower Batch C Applicants who have successfully taken their Npower test on the NASIMS portal, you are close to becoming a Npower beneficiary.

However, the Npower test is more of a secondary requirement to get to the final stage which is physical verification screening. There are other primary requirements that even if you score 100% you can still be screened out if these requirements are not met, and these requirements are very necessary to scale you through the final physical screening stage. It is very important that you have the listed things below arranged:

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1) Documents: All documents included during physical verification must be made physically present, at physical verification. Ensure your documents are close to your reach and are all in good condition. The most required documents are:

  • Your physical self.
  • Education certificates.
  • Birth certificate/Age declaration.
  • National ID/ Voters Card etc

Your nasims ID who's is your Npower ID may be required during this process.

Stay alert, when you hear that the final list of shortlisted Applicants is out for the physical screening, check the list if it is online or offline. So far you have written your test successfully, after updating your records, there are good chances you will get selected irrespective of your poor/high scores. Many applicants were unable to write the test.

Automatically those who did not write the test are disqualified except they know oga at the top, you that scaled through have a big chance of been selected.

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Note: Npower has not release shortlisted successful candidates yet.

Finally, don't forget to join the Npower discussion platforms on social media to stay updated.

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