Reasons Why Some Of You Can't Access Npower Verification Portal


We noticed that a lot of the Npower batch C Applicants are finding it difficult to access the Nasims Portal to check their verification status. Some of you may be thinking that the issue is with your login details, it is not.

We decide to create this post to keep you informed. The possible reasons why some of you can't login to the Nasims portal at this moment is probably due to the following reasons:

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1) The traffic to the portal is massive and as a result that some of you with a bad network will get your login attempt bounced. If this happens to you, try to check that your network is strong.

2) The browser you may be using is not strong enough to handle the rigid load of the website. Try all available browsers to see which one works for you.

3) Your Phone storage may be full that will require you to clean it up to free up space thereby aiding you to surf the internet faster.

4) The management of the Npower Programme may be conducting the verification exercise in batches to avoid crashing the website. That is why when you checked the verification link you are asked to check back later. The screening Exercise is probably going on alongside the verification biometrics fingerprint capturing.

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5) Remember the Npower programme is in categories, the non-graduate and the graduate programme. these categories may take off on different date so also the verification.

6) The NPower management team might still be working on the nasims portal.

Note: When you get an error while trying to login to check your Verification status, do not panic. Try again later, you will get access to the portal when your login details are unlocked again.

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  1. If you are not selected, will you still be able to login to your nasim account?

  2. What can I do, I don't remember my password again


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