Five Things To Know Before Npower Batch C Deployment


In today's latest Npower news - We will be sharing with you five things to know before Npower Batch C deployment. So read on!

As the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian affairs Commenced the final process on Npower batch C enrollment, it very important that you know some important things that will help you understand certain things in the Npower Programme. So we decided to create this post to keep you in the know.

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Five Things To Know Before Npower Batch C Deployment

1) There is No redeployment in Npower Programme after deployment

2) You can not change your selected programme except the management decided to deploy you to serve in another Field.

3) There will be 2 streams in N-Power batch C Recruitment, 500,000 in each stream. Some Applicants not Shortlisted in stream 1 will be Shortlisted in stream 2.

4) The Npower graduate programme will last for only 1year and they will be paid N30,000 monthly allowance while the non-graduate will undergo 3-6 months training with an N10,000 monthly allowance

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5) Npower is not a permanent job but an Empowerment Programme initiated by the Federal Government to equip Nigerian Youths with employability skills or entrepreneurship skills that will help them become employable or an employer of labour.

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