Here Is Why Npower Applicants With Low Test Score Were Shortlisted


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing the reason why some NPower batch C applicants who scored low in the CBT test but were selected in the first stream. So read on.

The Selection was made base on Applicants geographical locations/area. According to the Minister of Humanitarian affairs, if a local Government has a population that its number of NPower Batch C applicants are less than say, 1000 N-Power Batch C applicants, even if an applicant scored 0% or 35% the applicant can still be shortlisted so as to balance the needed number of candidates that is expected to meet the required number needed in the NPower programme.

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If the population of applicants of a local government area are over the specific number of 1000 in local. Only those who scored 70% to 100% will be selected.

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