NYSC To Open Remobilization Portal From 8th To 21st June 2021


In today's latest NYSC news - NYSC has given a date for Remobilization. According to the management, NYSC Portal will be open for Remobilization from 8th to 21st June 2021. Prospective Corps Members are to visit www.nysc.org.ng to register.

The management also clear the air denied the viral information stating that the DG NYSC said that Corps Members are being trained for war.

According to the management, this is to clarify the misrepresentation of the NYSC Director General's recent interview with the media currently trending on social media. The Director-General had stated that in line with the National Defence Policy, Corps Members are like soldiers on reserve, because their education, exposure, and sophistication, can make them easily adaptable to military training.

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He charged them to remain focused and patriotic, and for the spirit of NYSC to live in all Nigerians. General Ibrahim never at any point said that Corps Members are being mobilized to fight war.

The Scheme shall continue to safeguard the interest of Corps Members at all times.

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