Reasons Some Shortlisted Npower Stream 1 Status May Turned Not Shortlisted


As the management of NPower approaches the deployment state of the ongoing N-Power batch C Recruitment exercise, some Applicants Shortlisted for the stream 1 batch C Programme have started complaining of a change of Nasims profile status from shortlisted to not Shortlisted.

One of the reasons why that may occur has been Clarified before now. Remember the management earlier stated that 550,000 Npower batch C applicants were Shortlisted for the first phase stream 1, out of the 550000 Shortlisted, 50,000 Npower Batch C1 Applicants will Be Dropped arriving at a final 500000 to deployed for stream.

So when you are Shortlisted for stream 1 and later find out that your profile turned to not Shortlisted, do not panic. You might be Shortlisted again in the second stream. Another 500,000 applicants will be Shortlisted in stream 2 bringing the total number of Applicants Shortlisted for Npower batch C to 1,000,000.

At the end of the recruitment exercise, out of the 1,800,000 applicants that enrolled for record update and CBT test, 800K Npower Batch C Applicants Will Not Make It To The Promise Land

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